This is a women-only salon.
We do not accept male customers.

We are by appointment only.
We request that you pay in advance.

■Aromatherapy Massage

You choose today’s fragrance from seven different kinds of essential oils, which are then massaged your body.

①70min 4980yen
②90min 6380yen
③120min  8480yen

※②③You can choose whether or not to have a foot soak, and whether or not to have a stomach massage.

■SHIATSU acupressure massage

An oil-free acupressure massage where the therapist uses fingers and elbows to give you invigorating knead.

①60mins  3980yen
②90mins  5980yen

■Combination Menu

①Head massage with carbonic acid mist spray 20mins
Total90mins  5980yen

②Aromatherapy Massage 70mins + SHIATSU shoulder massage 20mins
Total90mins  5980yen